How it works
Okay… so you want a great deal! It this easy… open the app and hit Nearby and the Map - this will display all the great offers in your area. Whe...
What is Buyiteer?
Buyiteer allows business of all sizes to put up unlimited number of coupon offers, discounts, deals, buy one get one free, etc. without any upfront co...
Buyiteer for business
- Businesses can publish deals with no upfront fees. - Create unlimited offers and as often as you like. - Guarantee - Buyiteer offers a no purchas...

Proximity Map
Deals and offers are displayed and available on the Buyiteer proximity map for customers nearby.
Create unlimited deals and offers for your business FREE
Thats right.. there is no limited to the number of coupons you create for your business and no upfront charges.
Punch Card
Create unlimited Punch Cards for your business FREE
Punch Cards eg... buy 10 and get one free. Business - create unlimited Punch Cards for your business FREE. (no upfront charges)
Push Notifications
Content coming soon
Get the best offers wherever you are or whatever you’re doing... Before you shop anywhere, check out the offers on Buyiteer first. Download now and don’t miss out on the next offer.